Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Me a spammer??

Oh dear.

This morning I got an email from blogger.com telling me that my blog has been flagged by their automated spam filter, and therefore my blog has been blocked because of a "violation of their terms of use".

My blog is in quarantine and in 20 days this blog may be destroyed!!

anyway, I think the issue may be that I put my httpd.conf file text in the last posting, and this contains some html markup. So I have changed all the > symbols to &gt; and the < symbols to <

(yes it did take an age to type the above sentence, and I have had to go through captcha hell to post this!)

blogger.com please don't kill my blog!


Wayne & Charlotte said...

How the hell do spam with only 1 follower?

Neil said...

Wayne and Charlotte,

very good point - blogspot are you listening???