Monday, 12 January 2009

Dell Mini-9 update DISASTER!

This post is about the dell-mini-9.
A netbook with pre-installed ubuntu 8.04. These machines use a separate repo for updates, (suffix http://dell-mini.archive.canonical,com) so would you expect the following to happen?

After weeks with no new packages for the standard dell-mini ubuntu repos, last night saw me pulling down 170MB.
(note - this is a vanilla ubuntu 8.04 dell-mini, first used in 'dec 08)
however, these upgrades have left me with several annoying issues.

1. an x-server update bust my uk keyboard layout. #~{}]["£ all moved around

2. New Firefox and/or WebFav packages wiped all my browser history/usernames/passwords AND removed all my add-ons. Furthermore I got an annoying "Yahoo" home page, default search and a task bar (the bloody screen is small enough, thanks)
Read again - I lost my homepage, all addons, history and bookmarks

3. the upgrading of lsb-base (3.2-4ubuntu1) to 3.2-4ubuntu1netbook1 meant that the mysql-server-5.0 wouldn't start, as I got an error about an unbound variable. Mysql is mission critical on this machine.

Anyway, I have smart friends on irc (thanks jlindsay and Peter64) and I am now fixed up again.
However, these machines are aimed at a broad spectrum of users who would be more inconvenienced than I.

For the sake of the ubuntu and gnu/linux community... please hold these upgrades back for further testing before unleashing them on new linux users.


Dan said...

The exact same thing happened to my mini. In addition, after the update, my windows key no longer maximizes applications to full screen. Very frustrating.

Neil said...

sorry to hear that Dan.
I didn't notice what my windows key did during it's broken state. It IS working correctly now though.

I have a working xorg.conf file if you or anyone else wants it.

Chris said...


how did you solve the mysql server problem?

I'm having a nightmare trying to set it up!



Chris said...

I just found this site, I followed what was posted and it now seems to work. Is this similar to what you did?