Thursday, 16 April 2009

logos, launchpad and bizarre experiences

Three things.
  1. I am overjoyed with Richard Querin's first draft of a logo for openMolar.

  2. My code is up on at
  3. The python versioning control system Bzr is working well. I hope. thanks to "thumper" in #launchpad on freenode for his guidance. I have made 3 pushes already. Awesome.


mnpbds said...

I managed to download the openmolar files with bzr and launchpad having first installed bzr and registered with launchpad. Unfortunately, for version 0.0.5 I get incorrect password/user error messages with "user" as user1 and no password, so I can't get past the "Incorrect
Please Try Again" message.

Neil said...

Hi Mark,

yeah, sorry about that. the demo database seems to be causing problems.

bear with me... I hope to have a demo version available in my launchpad ppa repo very soon.


mnpbds said...

Thanks for the reply Neil. Probably teaching you to suck eggs, but if you have a database version that is working then a command such as
/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump -u mysql -p --opt openmolar > /home/neil/newDemoDataBase.sql

should enable a dump file backup to be created (it worked for me). This could then be used as per your README line ~$mysql -u user -ppassword openmolar < newDemoDataBase.sql to create a new database that should work for other people. Personally, I think that a database with just a couple of patients with "sensible" details would be better than the current large number with nonsensical random words.