Thursday, 3 September 2009

OpenMolar - screencast

ok.. I finally got around to doing this. A 15 minute intro to openmolar.

as an aside... A note about

I didn't use youtube because they have a 10 minute restriction on length.
Trawling the web, I came across tinyvid via floss manuals... there is some seriously good community content on there (Stallman vids etc..)... and all the content is ogg.

Putting content onto Tinyvid is a wonderful experience, from start to finish.
It accepted my launchpad page as openID. Uploaded the video without fuss, and even transcodes non-ogg content into ogg "in the cloud".

I hope they are around for a long time to come. I tried to leave a donation, but couldn't see how to do that.

Hope you enjoy the video. Comments, as always, very welcome.

(screencast done on dell-mini9 using gtk-recordmydesktop and logitech USB headset)

1 comment:

StevenD said...

Great screen cast! I sent you a bunch o' questions in email...