Thursday, 11 November 2010


Firesheep is a plugin for Firefox that is creating a lot of noise in the IT security community. It allows you to hijack sessions of other users on open wifi.

There is a windows/mac version of this plugin, but that is no use to me (and I will point out my intentions are NOT malicious, but to demonstrate to friends/colleagues the dangers of the interwebs).

thanks to information on this page I got it working on my 64-bit ubuntu 10.04(lucid) laptop.

here's what I did to get it working.


to install firesheep on lucid

1. get dependencies (your mileage may vary)

sudo apt-get install libhal-dev libtool autoconf xulrunner-dev libboost-dev libpcap-dev iw git

2. get the latest firesheep code from github

git clone git://

3. compile the firesheep.xpi "plugin"

cd firesheep
git submodule update --init

4. set up a monitor interface
sudo iw wlan0 interface add mon0 type monitor
sudo ifconfig mon0 up

5. Install the plugin into firefox.
Open Firefox, and from the menu choose "File", then open ~/firesheep/build/firesheep.xpi

restart firefox when asked

6. firesheep needs correct permissions to access your wifi card.

cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/7oyiuecg.default/extension/

sudo ./firesheep-backend --fix-permissions

note- there WILL be subtle differences in this directory

7. Ready to go!

open firefox and click on
then choose mon0 from the drop down list. (see screenshot below)

8. Enable the Firesheep Sidebar.

(or ctrl-shift-s)


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