Friday, 28 November 2008

Bring on the IT lawyers

I have just written to a law firm specialising in IT.


My name is xxxx xxxxx, and I am a dentist. My practice is in xxxxxxxx,
I am also a hobby programmer and linux advocate.

I write to you because I am in a hole with my dental software provider. After 12 years with them, we have just taken delivery of a £13,000+ 'upgrade'.
It is a disaster.

At this early stage, I have written to the business owner expressing my concerns, and asking to meet with him. They are based in xxxx-xxxxx.
I suspect that I will be breaking allegiance with this company in the short to medium term, and would value the advice of a lawyer who is familiar with software licensing. Your firm was mentioned to me by a fellow member of the open rights group.

My ideal outcome would be to get this company to agree to a license which opens up the software to me so that I can help them improve the software, and in doing so, secure my data.
I can understand why they will probably be wary of such a license. However, I would be willing to consider clauses which commit me to continue with them for a period of say 5 years (and continue paying maintenance/support fees for that time - some £2500 per annum)

Obviously, what I would get from this is future freedom, and a system which is not a 'brick' as is currently the case.

If you feel you can help PLEASE contact me.

Kind regards

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