Friday, 14 November 2008

Virtual Jam Sessions.

I had an idea earlier... and put it to some musicians out in IRC land.

rowinggolfer.. imagine a world where musicians can simply join into an online jam session.
various categories of music.
kajarii rowinggolfer: that'd actually be pretty cool.
rowinggolfer You are the man to set up this audio server. 'JamServer' ?
rowinggolfer Kajarii: I had the idea earlier when listening to guitarman4's music
kajarii Nice.
rowinggolfer I believe there is a business here, so I am thinking some more over this idea.
guitarman4 rowinggolfer - there is a tool that allows for collaboration... open source, they beggin for someone to port linux, so far only mac and linux clients
* rowinggolfer checks out
rowinggolfer guitarman4: I am thinking... irc type jam server... anyone can start a jam... and the initiator retains "op status", so that if a clueless player joins in... he/she can boot 'em off. then maybe some paid services? where you buy a room, but can charge people to listen?
something like that... dunno
kajarii> yeah, that's a better idea Especially since irc is low bandwidth so you have more room for music.
rowinggolfer It would be cool to lay down a beat then wait for folks to join in.
kajarii How you'd do that in real time with low latency would be an odd thing though.
even sip is very latent.
rowinggolfer Kajarii: good point. UDP?
kajarii yeah, SIP uses UDP.
rowinggolfer lots of dropped packets... but real time.
guitarman4 interstin...
kajarii I wonder if we ran a pulseaudio server on the irc machine which could then do the mixing and send it out to the other machines.
guitarman4 ooooooo.
rowinggolfer Kajarii: I knew you were the man to speak to.
guitarman4 i like that. u know its worth trying out - worst case scenario is it doesnt fly.. wouldnt we need some way of syncing stuff...
i wonder if midi makes more sense.
kajarii yeah, but pulseaudio should take care of that. or jack.
guitarman4 really? k
kajarii jack is designed for low latency pro audio work.
guitarman4 yeah. so how would we connect to the jack server remotely
kajarii I wonder if we had everybody run a jack instance on their machine then hook them all together somehow. I'm not sure.


Steve said...

hey - i think i found something... JackTrip...

and here:


Steve B - Guitarman4 said...

So the next step after that would be to have it streaming to peeps who could sit in on the jam session - ala Icecast or something and then of course record the jam and release as a Jamcast... awweyeah. haha


Neil said...

I wondered about a points system? Something like the ubuntu forums... you get a score/grading increase for positive contributions to jam sessions.

then some sessions can be for elite users only etc..

Steve B - Guitarman4 said...

hey Neil/rowinggolfer,

there is another fellow i spoke to who is interested in this whole thing, and this idea may actually get some traction and go somewhere. find me in irc and lets private message and setup a jabber converstation or something with him and kajarii.