Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Review - sansa clip ogg/mp3 player

With Linux cranks and the bad apples podcasts going to ogg only, I decided to invest in a new player.

The sansa clip seemed to fit the bill perfectly, for the following reasons.
  • mounts as a drive, easy drag and drop of files

  • plays ogg

  • built in fm radio

  • small

  • cheap

  • sexy

but it turns out that this is the best damn player I've ever owned... and here's why.
  • It can delete tracks. Very useful. I need to do this, otherwise I forget what I've listened to.

  • it can play tracks at an increased speed

That last feature sounds like a gimmick (or a discourtesy to the podcaster) however, I am enjoying it.
This morning, for example - it compressed lottalinuxlinks 106 down to MY commuting time, not Daves. Lynn didn't sound so sexy.. but kajarii did ;)

Battery Life could maybe be better... I have been spoilt by Sony players, having said that, battery life is perhaps the only thing to recommend Sony players.

1 comment:

klaatu said...

the bad apples went ogg only?? what were they thinking?

well, seriously... yeah, this looks like a very cool player. thanks for the review.