Thursday, 19 March 2009

openMolar - it's not a comic book reader.

I was a guest on the linux link tech show last night, I was my usual incoherent babbling self, but I had a great time.

If anyone is interested in seeing just how badly I write code, please download,play with, and scrutinise the openMolar software.

tarball (inlcuding an example database for March and April 2009) and a checksum for the paranoid can be found at


Steve B - Guitarman4 said...

My experience getting openMolar to run on Slackware 12.2

If you haven't already fixed the MySQL startup problem on Slackware 12.2 go to this link

and follow.

Once that is done download and extract openmolar

Follow README.txt instructions.

Now - you need to install a more current version of the SIP package because the

slackware default doesnt meet the requirements of openMolar - currently slackbuilds has

4.7.9 i believe so I got that installed, next it was time to build and install PyQT4 - I
used sbopkg to do these slackbuild installs btw.
Still no workie - ah - need to install pysetuptools and MysqlPython bindings... ok - did
that, survey says : now I get an error that it can't open the openMolar db- ah, ok, open
up and change the db name to openmolar, save, now back to console prompt and key in ./ - woot! I'm in and its beautiful! :)

More to come.

Neil said...

Steve B.

wow! openMolar runs on slackware... that's flipping awesome, well done sir!

and many thanks for your kind comments about the design so far. Still much to do.

mnpbds said...

The fact that most dentists do not have
access to the source codes of the software that run their practices
means that they are in a very weak position in terms of being able to
dictate changes.
So, in terms of practice management and being able to contribute and
modify software programs to shape their own destiny a GPL based program
should be highly desirable for most dentists. Best of luck with OpenMolar.
It installed and runs fine on Sidux, but I suppose there's not that many dentists using Sidux!

mnpbds said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm still listening to this episode at the moment but bravo to you Neil. I know a few small businesses here in Australia and they have the exact same lock in issues. Even ones that could run Linux across the all their machines saving them a decent amount of money cannot due to their industry specific software to which there is no alternative.

Whilst one example I'm thinking of (in the Tyre industry) don't get their hardware from the vendor, there hardware is still controlled by them. The vendor dictates what hardware they have to use and when they have to update etc.

Having worked as a developer I can also agree that the biggest issue is the people in the industry know what they need, and the developer knows how to create it, but the communication between the two is lacking.

Again, well done! I will be downloading when I have some time and see if I can't contribute ( although from the look of things you don't need any help :P ).

DocBoy said...

I am a Dentist from the philippines and Iam using openmolar for two weeks now. Thank you for creating this opensource software!!! -docboy