Monday, 22 August 2011

A VPS from Bitfolk

I've had a VPS from amazon up and running for a few months, but I simply couldn't get my head around their billing tariffs. I am sure they are great and really flexible, but they weren't working out as a good deal for me.
(on average I was paying $75 a month). On top of that, on Friday, I was having trouble logging in (probably my own fault).

So I finally got around to switching provider.
and as are well known to the UK floss community as a sponsor of , and patronised by the internet's very own "Alan (popey) Pope".

Bitfolk have been an absolute joy to deal with, I had my server up and running within a couple of hours of my enquiry.

I have now moved both and onto that server and they seem fast and stable.
 How much for this incredible service? Under 20% of the cost of the amazon box (which is now cancelled), and easy to understand.

Thanks Bitfolk, and a 5 star rating from yours truly.

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