Thursday, 11 August 2011

Customised Business Software or Software Customised Businesses?

So I am reading Bookeeping for Dummies at the moment (because double-entry booking is a complete mystery to me).

This paragraph caught my eye, when the author discusses software.

Chapter 6
Surveying Computer Options.

...... we must mention the fact that in a significant number of business situations no accounting software package does exactly what you did before in the same way. Every accounting package is a compromise because it offers the features that someone else decided are important for the majority of businesses. The decision you may have to make is whether to modify your business processes to fall into line with the new accounting software or have some bespoke modification to the accounting package you decide to buy. The simplest and cheapest solution is to fall into line with your chosen accounting software.

Get the gist?
The choice is.. change how you do things, or make the software do what you need it to, and the author suggests the former.

I believe it is a shame that ANYONE holds this view. Would we buy shoes that don't fit our feet? Why then do we have to use software that doesn't fit our needs?

Get an open source solution that is the closest fit, then get it modified.

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Mrs Xoke said...

While I completely agree what what you are saying, this isn't often something small business can afford, and (at least here) large business do have custom applications written for their needs.

A lot of small businesses pick something that they can get phone support for, and often can't afford to pay a programmer to customize the software. v The rest of the small businesses just don't know open source exists or trust it.

Also, keep in mind that these are the same people that year after year open emails containing viruses after being told to not op-en emails from people they don't know.