Monday 25 March 2013

Techup Inverness

So tonight I am attending my second techup meeting. A rare chance for me to socialise (non-virtually) with real geeks.

In preparation, I am making a list of the techy things I have been doing since the last meeting a month ago, something I have never really done before.

  1. My first django powered website. Running as a wsgi script on apache on my VPS.
  2. IPv6 compliance for all my websites.
  3. My first arduino project.
  4. Made a case for my raspberry pi.
  5. A dual boot win8/debian wheezy onto a new laptop (uefi install using linux foundation secure boot shim).
  6. Steam install onto my son's fedora 18 box.
  7. Fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04 onto my daughter's pc (which was bought with ubuntu 8.04 installed, and has migrated step by step to 12.10.. but was gettings a little 'confused' in a few ways).
Very little direct work on openmolar though, although the django stuff is aimed at rolling out online appointment system for patients to use.

Monday 18 February 2013

Google (android) stores wifi passwords "in the cloud"

2 months ago I bought a Nexus 7, and laboriously entered my 63 character wifi password.
Today, I brought my shiny new nexus 4 into work.
Guess what? It connected automatically.

Convenient, sure, but a massive step too far IMHO, I trust no one with my wifi password, yet google have it in their database.

BTW - I know realise this is not new, I find blog posts about this dating back to 2011.