Wednesday 22 August 2012

openmolar2 - update on progress

I've been asked to give an update on openmolar2, and where it is at.

I am very, very happy with progress, to be honest, although I realise that it is presently a set of libraries, rather than a useable set of applications.

Here, however, are some screenshots which should give some indication of what I have been playing at.

OpenMolar version2 is very different from the "rushed by necessity" openmolar which I still utilise daily in my practice. It has 3 components. A server management tool (a daemon running on the same unix machine as the postgresql server), an administrative application, and a client.

Here are some screenshots.

More information at The project homepage.

So this is the startup page for a configured admin application. It is configured to report on three openmolar servers, and has connected to 2 of them.
One important thing of note.. The admin application can tell you exactly who is connected, and their IP address (or "None" for a unix socket.. I need to fix that!)

Populating a new database with demo data.
Exploring/Editing the tables of that database.

Making a Query on that database.

And finally... using the client application for a graphical view of a (fictitious) patient's data.