Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Screw you launchpad

I've moved my code hosting to, switching from bzr to hg.


I'm absolutely bloody furious.

However, I feel this move was absolutely necessary.
Launchpad is falling behind other code hosting sites from a my perspective as a coder. Only time will tell if I am right.

p.s. as a dentist.. should i really be using hg?


PATX said...

hg is great. but why google code? i would think bitbucket would be a better choice?

Neil said...

Hey Patx,
long time no speak!

Bitbucket was high on the list (I have an account for other projects).

Fedora code hosting is even better (although being tied to a specific project is awkward).

Github and Gitorious are also wonderful tools.

Too much choice.. but one thing that struck me was how launchpad has stagnated in comparison to these sites (with the exception of translations, where it excels beyond all others).

Argonaut said...

I've just found your blog and Open Molar [My wife's a dentist and I was looking for an open source solution]
It looks very interesting. Congratulations!