Wednesday 22 August 2012

openmolar2 - update on progress

I've been asked to give an update on openmolar2, and where it is at.

I am very, very happy with progress, to be honest, although I realise that it is presently a set of libraries, rather than a useable set of applications.

Here, however, are some screenshots which should give some indication of what I have been playing at.

OpenMolar version2 is very different from the "rushed by necessity" openmolar which I still utilise daily in my practice. It has 3 components. A server management tool (a daemon running on the same unix machine as the postgresql server), an administrative application, and a client.

Here are some screenshots.

More information at The project homepage.

So this is the startup page for a configured admin application. It is configured to report on three openmolar servers, and has connected to 2 of them.
One important thing of note.. The admin application can tell you exactly who is connected, and their IP address (or "None" for a unix socket.. I need to fix that!)

Populating a new database with demo data.
Exploring/Editing the tables of that database.

Making a Query on that database.

And finally... using the client application for a graphical view of a (fictitious) patient's data.


Iain said...

Looks like good progress. It looks very similar to the application my dentist uses.

Igor Araujo said...

The openmolar is dead? : (
What's new about it?

ESCENARIO 4 said...

apreciado compaƱero.
he tenido dificultad en la instalcion de openmolar2 mas postgres no hay mucha informacion de este en la web. me colaborarias con un tutorial para la instalacion en debian.